Monday, March 17, 2008

Boring Monday

It's Monday again! SO tired... but luckily now Tuesday's coming! ^^
Today's so busy with work... sighz... so many things to do.. Reports....BAU...

Anyway, looking forward to learning new things from our SSU team this thursday. Poor Soh Khuan's on 2 day's leave because of her backpain which caused her tremendous pain and she's going for her X-Ray checkup. Hope she'd be fine..

Had lunch at Golden Shoe usual..the crowd's still as many as the last time I frequent there 2 years back... :)
Wanted to try the Soya Bean milk..but the queue is sooooo darn long!! Will try next time if I leave office earlier. =)

Today, Big Boss giving out the bonus letter.. but as it was already past the office hours, I told her I will take tomorrow.. so many things to say to her.. but duno how to start..sighz.. see how it goes la... me prepared for the worst!!

Met dear after work at Causeway pt.. yeah.. think will be able to meet him more often since he's changed job to Woodlands. =)

Oki.. so tired now.. sleeping...

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