Sunday, March 16, 2008

Saturday @ Vivocity

Was out at Vivocity with BB on saturday 15-3-08.

We watched "THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES".. I would say, I'd give it 4 stars out of 5. It's an awesome one especially since I love movies that involve magic/fantasy stuffs. hee... ^^

Do catch it when you have the time!

One thing I must say, Freddie Highmore (the child actor) did an excellent job playing the twins! He's able to portray the twins with different personalities very well!! Amazing young actor who has a good future ahead! ^^

Before the movie, we had some free time, so had lunch at Marche. I quite like the ambience there and it has a 'country-cottage style' furniture theme, and I find the 'cow skin' chairs very cute! hahaa... See below for some cam-whoring!! hee ^^

Strawberry Smoothie!*Slurrp*

Marche Crepe with Ham & Morzerella Cheese

Rosti with Fruit Punch!

Cottage theme

"Cow Skin" Chair!

More cow-skin chairs

Dear stealing my drink!!

Then, that day happened to be a COSPLAY day. Event was held at the open space on the top deck of Vivocity. hee.. Din take pics with those people cos it was so hot!!! But took some secret shots of them..haa...

See any nurses?!hee..

Who's this ghostly fig!! haaa...running away frm me.

After movie, we ate dinner at KIMGARY Restaurant. It was forever so long queue.. but it was quite fast. Managed to get a window seat but it was so packed and we were practically sharing tables with another couple! Darn~~!

Food-wise, not bad and price reasonable.

Dear's mushroom porkchop rice. Nice!

My Cheese Baked Chickenchop rice.. not bad, so-so

Mango-Coconut duno what drink.. :p

Yeah..after dinner, it's SHOPPING time!!

Bought a pair of black shorts from F21, a vintage mirror and container @ Daiso for storing my collection of earrings. (*^_^)m

The loot will be put up next time! :p

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