Monday, March 10, 2008

MingTao & WanJun's Wedding 8-3-08

Yep, I attended 2 weddings consecutively on friday and saturday last week... :p haha... I must say it's rather tiring but I enjoyed myself on Saturday 8-3-08 (International Woman's Day), even though Mingtao and WanJun are not my direct friends.. hehe.. got to know them through my dear. ^^

By the way, Mingtao and WJ are JC frens, and dear with most of the others are Dunman sec and then TPJC classmates of WJ.

It was really a star-studded event because MingTao's dad is a producer from MediaCorp. Wedding's held at Marina Mandarin Hotel Ballroom 1. Quite a number of celebrities turned up, e.g. Zeng Si Mei, Lin Xiang Ping, Xiang Yun, Cao Guo Hui, Pan Ling Ling and her husband, Zheng Ge Ping, Liu Qianyi and some others. They were seated at the far end of the room, haha.. so didn't really have a chance to take photos of them, but then again... *heh heh* I managed to take a few secret "zoom in" snapshots of the stars when they walked past!! hohoho... Videos too. :p

Anyway, I was seated with dear at table 29 out of abt 40 to 60 tables, with GuangKai, Dave, ZhengNan and his gf, Gracia & bf and Guo Wei and Angeline. *hope I didn't spell any of your names wrongly ya* It's real fun sitting together with them especially with Dave, GK and Zhengnan cos we all can talk 'cok"... hahhaa... Dave like Yvonne Lim sooo much that he sent an sms that was to be posted on the projector screens (which was meant for greetings for the married couple!!) and he excitedly pointed out the sms which read "Yvonne Lim, you look so pretty today." and self-declared loudly that it was sent by him.. hahaa...and he even said Yvonne and he are having "underground Love" and so she's shy to reply to the screen "Thank you". *hahaa* (^_^)m
Not to lose out, GK blurted he likes Zeng SiMei and that she walked past our table purposely because she wanted to take a quick glance at him! Gosh!! These 2 guys ah!!.. ahhaa...

I think the couple made a lot of preparation for this event which is very successful. I really enjoyed the creative Video montage of the groom getting ready for the gate-crashing in the morning that day. They even use props from "DEAL or NO DEAL" to put their hongbao inside the suitcase and set a deal with the JieMeis. hahhaa... so funny!

MingTao also did a romantic solo play of the piano on "Wo Yuan Yi" for WanJun, to show his love for her... And after "Encores" from the audience, he did another song "Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin" with WanJun. Guessed they're so nervous cos their voices are trembling.. hehe...
**How I wish my future husband can do that for me too** so romantic and touching**

After the wedding, our table people together with the rest of the other sec/JC frens of WJ & MT, went up to their room for "Nao4 Dong4 Fang2". hahaa.. We meant to give them a surprise and we sent Guowei to be our 'undercover". The surprise was considered quite successful except for the part when Dave was spotted by WJ when the door opened. hahaa..
MT was already kinda drunk after downing so many glasses of red wine and Guowei's face was like a red lobster!

We stayed till about 12+am before taking cab home. And oh ya, heard that ZhengNan's proposing to his gf on that day (no wonder he said got something on and cant join us in the suite). So hope he's successful!!! (^o^)p

Jeannie!! I forgot to take a photo with you that day!!! It's so Qiao3!! The world's so small and you happened to be MT's sec sch fren. hehe... Anyway, BB said you have become prettier and he couldn't recognise you. ^o^ kekeke.... Keep in touch ya.. and hope to have a meal with you soon cos we've been planning to do so for ages but seems qute hard to co-ordinate a time. :p

Oki, photos coming soon! Stay tuned.. ^^

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