Sunday, March 9, 2008

My 1st Blog & XiaoHui's Wedding

Me and the beautiful Fair Bride!!

4 JieMeis and the Pretty Bride

On 7-3-08 (Friday), it's my best and longtime friend -- Xiaohui's customary wedding day.

I was asked to be her Jiemeis. Have to wake up early at 5am to prepare..hahaa... but I arrived alittle late by 15mins at her house. *guess I had her worried because I didn't reply to her wakeup sms in the morning*haha...sorrie Ah Hui!!! (>_<)p

123 Pose!!!

It was fun preparing the "set meal" for the groom and his 'brothers" who will be coming for the gatecrashing later at 830am. The set meal consists of "Suan Tian Ku La -- Sour,Sweet,Bitter and Spicy" ingredients, of course, we hiked up the ingredients to make them taste the extreme! Even I myself don't dare to's horrible..hahahhaa.....but then again, the objective of this is to bring across the message to the groom -- that it's not easy to win our bride and he has to overcome the obstacles first!!

We had alot of fun that day though it's tiring...the JieMeis are Susin, Veron, Peiyin and myself. The brothers..sorry, I donno their names.. but I know one of them is great at drawing characters in comic forms!! And one of them is the "Ku3 Ming4 Ge1" --hahhaa.. cos he himself declared that he's very bitter tolerant.. hahaha.... so, the bitter course of the meal is left for him to finish! :p Oh ya.. not forgetting, he's also the one carrying the "donno how many kg' medium-sized $400++ prized roasted pig from Ah hui's house to her new house! Great job man!!! Hooray!

Wazup there?!!

Wedding dinner was held at Furama Riverfront hotel. We arrived early at 2pm and grabbed this time to take a short nap before the evening event starts again..hee..

Dear arived early at the hotel at 6+pm... sorrie dear... have to make u wait cos I was at the reception.. (^__^)m and ya...poor dear... he was 'duped' by the taxi drivers who brought him to the wrong Furama Citycentre hotel at chinatown...hee.... then he hafta take another cab again. Waste of money... taxi fare these days not cheap leh...*blehs*

I was seated with our Jurong secondary school friends. It was almost 10+ years since I've met some of them... gosh! But they haven't changed much... There's ChengJie, Jiehui and his wife, MeiShan (JJC fren), Jocelyn (JJC). Diana (JSS) didnt manage to turn up due to last min appointment.

Anyway, after the dinner, we went up to the suite to "nao4 Dong4 Fa4" hehehe.....But I only stayed a while before I took my things and headed home with dear. So tired man.... ^^

Pose in her suite at night, me so tired..haa...

This day 7-3-08, happens to be my 3rd anniversary with dear.. He told me that he wanted to bring me to Clarke Quay and buy a cake to celebrate (no wonder he kept asking if I'm tired or not before wedding ends) but I was quite tired after the whole day's event...

But I was quite surprised and touched that BB had bought some lovely chocolates for me (as a backup plan) hee...He took effort to try to give me a surprise as he wanted to hide it first and wait for me to find it out..hahaa.. but the plan failed!!! Cos he thought I went to toilet to wash face, but I suddenly went back to my room to take something and caught him in the act trying to hide the chocolates..hahaha..... But... Thanks dear... I appreciated it! Muacks!

Oh yes... this's my 1st post of the year!! hee... meant to post it yesterday during International Woman's day 8-3-08..hee...but then...nvm...

Anyway, will be uploading more photos soon..(*^_^)

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