Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Sighz... It's a cold day today... Bbrrr.... been raining since the afternoon and whole day, it's been gloomy.

Went for a meeting at OC South today in the morning at 930am.. As the meeting ended early, my colleagues and I had some free time, so we went down to the Recreation club located at the basement to try on the OSIM massage chairs.

Ahhh... it was supposed to make me feel more relaxed when I chose the program for "Stiff shoulders"..but gosh.. :( after the session of 8 mins, we decided to go back office..and just as I stepped out on the road..the worst thing came.. I started to feel giddy.. *grrrr**

But I pulled myself together and told myself to hold on till I reached office. Darn! It was terrible.

After I reached office, the world seems like spinning around me.. I can't hold it any longer and headed for the toilet and became "Merlion" *puking*.. but after the session, felt much better. Guessed I stayed too long in the toilet, so my colleague was asking others if they saw me. hahaha... She thought I had fainted cos I told her I felt giddy earlier on.

So she went to the toilet and found me bending over the basin, washing my mouth. hahaa...
*Thanks Kee Chin! You're so funny.. told me your heart skipped a beat when you found me MIA*...heehee...

Anyway, now as I'm writing.. I still feel abit giddy.. gosh.. it just reminds me of the earthquake tremor that I've experienced 3 times last yr and 1 time this yr a few weeks back.

Oki... resting soon... can't wait for Friday to come!!

Yeah.. Thursday, going to Isetan private sale with Sharon after our training! Going to hit for the umbrella store! hahaha... Will update again! :p

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