Thursday, March 13, 2008

Isetan Quarterly Sale went for the Isetan sale with my colleague and we were there earlier cos our training course ended early at 5pm. ^^

We headed straight for the umbrellas section cos we already had in mind and are aiming for the $13 bucks brolly.. :p but oh many aunties also there flipping here and we also do the same.. :p They only have limited colors leh...the nicer ones costs $50??!! Gosh.. dun wanna spend $50 or 80 bucks for a brolly thou.hee... so in the end, I chose bright orange and Sharon chose purple and we helped Kim buy the pink one. ^^

Then we headed to the cosmetics section...heard the raves about the Clarin's queried abit *though the salesgirl not very helpful and no smiles --> tink cos too many ppl and dun wanna entertain us* and bought the new sunscreen for $56 after 20% disc.. yeah..then got $5 vouchers each cos we combined our items to meet the $100 criteria to get $10 voucher. So good lor, we use the voucher to offset our umbrellas' price..haha... end up paying only $6+ cos I still got the additional 3% off for Isetan card holders.. *woooohhoooo*

Then we shopped around before settling in Big "O" for dinner. Sharon and I had a long chat and time flew so fast! It's already 10pm when we realised.. geez...

Okie, now going to transfer pics of Seng Hwee's birthday celebration on 6-3-08 at Waraku @ MS to my thumbdrive else tmr kena scolded by Sharon they all..hahaha....

promise to post photos again...geez... these few days so busy... tmr headache again in the morning due to some work problems.. HAIZ~~~~~

hopefully, everything turns out fine... What I can say is..being a team lead is not an easy job!


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