Friday, March 14, 2008

Sunny Friday fast.. it's Friday again!

For the past few days, it's been raining and raining for the whole day.. and the temperature at night is so cool..or rather cold I would say cos it's 22 deg or so. It's reported as the lowest temp in Singapore for the month of March in history.

But this morning, Mr Sun is back again! (*^_^) Glad that it came back becos our clothes are so hard to dry with the cold weather and mom's grumbling..hahaa...

Today's a good day and managed to settle the matter with the staff and hope everything will be fine! Glad there's no hard feelings ^^

Gees, Wiwi's going back to Indonesia and clearing her block leave there. We're going to MISS you!! *hint hint* Donuts ya.. hahaa...

Met her boyfriend at Coffeebean waiting for her during lunch and we called out "AMIN! AMIN!!" But there's no response from him..haha.. abit we went up to tap him on the shoulders. :p Luckily he can still recognise us.

Oh well, today's office, there's "no government".. haha.. cos all the big bosses are not in office, either on leave or in Penang's office. So abit more relaxed.

Gathering with Cynthia and gang was cancelled cos a few can't make it. Even I was having dizzy spells earlier in the morning.. *must be the new contact lens that caused me giddiness* :(

But was better in the noon..

yeah, tmr can meet BB! Today's his last day of work with Hitachi and he's going to start new job on Tuesday. Whoopppee! Tmr's going to watch "The Spiderwick Chronicles" at Vivocity. Will review it here again. ^^

tata for now..

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