Tuesday, September 22, 2009

DIY Hair Dye Liese Har Bubble (20-9-09)

Today’s itinery is to meet BHBZ Gang at Jurong Point at 3pm to pass them the invitation cards for ROM as well as to catch up with the 2 moms-to-be.

Some final preview of my ROM Invitation envelopes..

Before I went for the ‘date’, I quickly did a fast DIY of dyeing my hair using the widely advertised “LIESE HAIR BUBBLE COLOR”.

It’s just so easy to use!
I thought it would be very messy & uneven cos of the foam and also because what the forum people had feedbacked…BUT no… it’s very easy and hassle-free.

I follow the instructions very strictly and the foam turns out to be very thick and 1 box is enough for my long hair (below bra). Hahaha… Saves me so much money!! Because the last time I used DIY hair color, I used up 2 boxes of dye.
But this time round, I only spent $15.90 and get my whole head dyed into a Marshmallow Brown color.. hahaha.. I love my new hair color now. :p

I’m gonna try different hair colors next time round!!

Oki, let me share with u what I did:
1) After mixing the 2 bottles of chemical solutions, it was said that we need to lather our hair with the foams within 20 mins before we let the colour set. The mixture foams very quickly, so not to worry. It took me about 15 mins to lather my hair into thick foam. Haha… and to prevent the foams from turning into liquid foam & dripping into my eyes, I kept on lathering my hair. Haha…*Note: Try to do it in open air area as the ammonia smell can be stinging to the nose and eyes. Wrap a long towel around your neck & back to prevent staining your clothes.

2) After the foam, I let the foams set for 30 mins. It was stated that the recommended setting time is 20 – 30 mins depending on the color intensity that I’m looking for. So I opted for 30 mins as I thought the brown color won’t be so obvious.

3) After setting, I washed my hair before I used the little pack of treatment included in the box. It’s my 1st own DIY hair dye (previously was dyed by my mom) and I love the even brown hair colour that it turns out to be. (*^_^*) Recommended to my mom and friends already! Haha…


Reira said...


can i check with you where did you get the Liese Hair bubble at $15.90?


Princess Sherene said...

hihi Reira,

I bought the hair bubble @ John Little during their 20% off storewide sale at Marina Square last year. :p hee... I think the last JL sale was only held w weeks ago?