Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cookie Jars as favors for ROM (13-6-09) Part 1

Ever since Michelle Chia and Shawn Tan's wedding in May 09, I've seen quite a number of brides requesting to know either where to find the crystal bouquet that Michelle held on her wedding dinner 1st march-in and also on where to find those jars that she used as wedding favors.

As a princess, I'm of course attracted to those super *BLING BLING* stuff..hahaha... and I was quite gawked when I read that to rent the crystal bouquet, it can cost up to $500 for a day! *arrgghhhh..... sounds so expensive sia*
There're also imitations out there where people also tried to make and sell/rent the crystal bouquets to BTBs, costing $250+ I think... but of course, the size and Bling factor might not be as good as Michelle's one. Because hers is made of 999 real crystals!!!

Well...haha... as much as I wanted that bouquet and it seems so easy to make too... but dont think I may have the time to go around sourcing for the metal sticks and crystals and proceed with this DIY project bah... (hopefully, if I have the time, I want to give it a try!! =) )

Alright,back to the cookie jars..... I've found my cookie jars last weekend!!! Yeah~~~
They're going at 4 for $3.90 !! haaa....and it's made of glass and not plastic!
Phew.... at least, that's a job done...hahaha... but you can imagine BB carrying 7 rows of that jar back heavy!!

Hopefully / Luckily, on the ROM day, we will have transport to ferry these jars to the Botanic Gardens..hee....


Sel said...

Cheap sia d cookie jar! Where did u find it?

Care to share d vendor? Thanks!

Princess Sherene said...

hihi Sel, ^^
Found them at Ikea. hehe.. They're actually called "Spice Jars". HTH!

wedding bridal hair and makeup said...

Glad to come across to your blog and find something useful for wedding!Thx for sharing!

Princess Sherene said...

No problem! Glad to be of help! hehe..