Monday, June 22, 2009

A little ice-cream treat (12-6-09)

On 12 June 09, BB came over to meet me and we caught a movie that night at Westmall.
While waiting for our movie, we had dinner first before we head for a little nice ice-cream treat at the corner of level 2, near Aussino.

It's a newly opened shop - UDDERS...hmm... hee... very similar to Ben and Jerry concept.
Anyway, they had many ice-creams, and some with alcohol!!! They range from lightest alcohol content to the strongest which is Rum & Raisin.
We ordered a medium alcohol content flavor ; Tiramisu + Cookies & Cream

The girl was kind enough to let us try out different flavours, including a REALLY nice one DURIAN..hehe... D24 or Shan Mao, to be exact.
Next time, I'll definitely take the durian one. ^_^

hahaa...they had tables very similar to Ben & Jerry's too. And I was amused by one cartoon picture on the table...Don't u all think it's a little .....obscene??!!!!! hahahaha..... *OOPS, dirty minded peeps you are!! hahaa... It's actually the milking parts of a cow 'falling in love' with another of a cow, just that their bodies are hidden underneath the tall grasses!* lol...

BB queuing to buy.. suddenly got many people after we just sat down.
My Tiramisu + Cookies & Cream!! SUPER YUMMY-licious!!!! There's so much cookies bits inside!'s's the amusing clipart!! ^o^

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