Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shiqing's Wedding (21-6-09)

Last friday 19-6-09, I had a gathering dinner with my buddies from OCBC Call Ctr at Marina Square's Dome Cafe. It's my 1st time there and I was very attracted to the layout & design of the cafe restaurant. Hee...*grins BIG** because I suddenly had a wonderful idea and hope it will work out!! (shall not say at the moment till next month...hahaha...)

With mommy Cynthia

Didn't manage to take many pics though.. ^^ cos we were busy chatting away.

Here's a COOL mom!

Then on Sunday 21-6-09, I attended Shiqing's wedding at Merchant Court Hotel. I went for her solemnisation which starts at 630pm at Lvl 2 - By the Poolside, however, as there were limited seats, BB and I didnt mange to take good pics there. But the view there is quite nice expecially when it's sunset..^_^
Mdm Aw with Husband (Young Jack Neo looka-alike ..hehe)

I met some ex-jc friends, i.e. Yingxiu, Shihui,Wendy, Baoxian and Winnie (same class as me) and they still look the same or more beautiful even after like...11 years? haha.. OMG... a decade just passed like that...somehow, I felt nostalgic especially when looking at JC photos in the montage and it's like most of my buddy frens have either married/become mommies/mommies-to-be now.
*geez... next would be my turn... I think I'll most probably gonna tear that day!! (though I'll try to hold back my tears =p)

(Left to Right): Winnie (pretty little pixie-lookalike..:p), Princess and ShiHui
Wedding Favors : Photo Travel tags

So at our table, my 2 buddy pals - Yingxiu and Shihui are gonna be mommies in October this year! Their expected delivery date is only about 1 week apart..haha... And Guess the gender of their babies?? I'm PROUD to say I guess correctly by touching their tummies!!! HAHAHHAA.....
It's a Boy (to be named Ethan - Yingxiu's) and a Girl (to be named Kera - Shihui's)!! It reminded me of the song by Colin Raye - One Boy, One Girl. hee....
Next time, when they grow up, they can be 'match-made'. hahaha....

With Shihui & Kera (in tummy)

With Yingxiu and Ethan (in tummy)

Anyway, I took photos with the 2 mommies and Shihui was teasing me saying next time when it's my turn, I'll get boys and girls too. :p I want ideally 2 BOYs and 2 GIRLS!!
It's my "National Service" to Singapore ya...hahaha... they should award me more money given that they keep reporting that the birth rate is declining through these years.

Shihui with Hubby - Jinlong

Not forgetting...our Mr BB and Princess...hahaa..

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