Wednesday, June 17, 2009

GSS Sale - Christian Dior Shades (9-6-09)

hee... Just a day after my Signoria Photoshoot, I went to buy the Christian Dior MIXT1 shades in pearlie white. I've been lemming for it for about 2 weeks and have been sourcing all eyewear shops in Tampines and Bugis and IMM!! hahah...
So far, the cheapest I've come across is the eyewear store in IMM - Blue Eyes U.S.A.
They're having 40% discount for branded eyewear!! *OMG***

Furthermore, this Dior shades is the 2009 collection...yeah... so I'm lucky to get it at a very much cheaper price!! cos most shops only offer 20% during GSS sales.. hee....

Me was deciding between either getting a brown shade or a grey shade..but finally decided on this grey lens because brother also said it's nice! Furthermore,the shop don't have the brown one so I don't know how does the brown one really look like in actual.

Anyway, another great thing about this shades is that the lens are photochromatic a.k.a. transition lens!! Woo Hoooaaahhh!!! ^_^

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