Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Princess's Birthday 7-6-09

Was very busy over the last weekend... trying to finalise the props for the Signoria's photoshoot... ^_^
Have came up beforehand with a list of props to bring for Monday's shoot too.. hahaa... it's a whole big bag..gosh... so I assigned BB to carry the heavy 3 bags of costumes and I'll carry the props from my place and meet him at Tanjong Pagar straight away.

Yeah.. Princess never forgets her birthday which falls on Sunday, but she's very tired that day... yawnz.. BB brought me to Bakerzin to eat the yummy cakes..:p
I ordered the New York Cheesecake together with 2 flavours of the macarons (shucks.. I didnt really catch the long name of the 2 flavours though cos the waiter spoke very fast..haa...)

Believe it or not, it's my first time trying the full size macarons lor.. though I've tried smaller versions before...hahaha...
I don't know how to describe the taste of the creamy texture of the 2 flavours but they are both nice, though I still prefer my chocolate macarons.. :p hee....

After that, BB brought me to Chomel shop at Tampines Mall and he bought me a necklace with earrings set.. hahaha.... love them loads...:p
I can wear them for my ROM/AD/other future dinner functions too!

The previous night, we were shopping at Suntec and Marina Square where I've bought my NuBra set at $89, and BB has bought his grey pants for ROM from G2000 blu for abt $43.
We also passed by Chomel @ Marina Square and so I tried on a purple princess necklace and it's very nice.. I was tempted to buy it but was thinking whether could there be a better and nicer set at other Chomel outlets, so I didn't buy on the spot.

I went home and think about it and after thinking and having tried on various Chomel necklaces at their different outlets at Tampines, Bugis, Marina Sq... I decided to settle for the one at Tampines. :p Glad that I bought it and have just used it for my photoshoot on Monday. hehe...

Hope the pictures will turn out nice....
My Birthday Cheesecake from Bakerzin ^_^
Haggard looking Me.. (T__T;)

This is the gift that Sandy and Yongxi gave to me today for my Bday! (*^_^*) hehe... so nice...

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