Friday, June 26, 2009

Kushinbo @ Jurong Point (24-6-09)

Haven't been following a strict dieting regime recently...OMG!!! especially when on Wednesday 24-6-09, Me, Yongxi and Meiling even went for a bingeing session at Kushinbo - Jurong Point!! ahahaha.... OMG....*eyes popping* It was ladies nite, so it's cheaper for us and I can't remember how many tempura prawns I gobbled down....hahaha....I'm really terrible!!! Shouldn't brides be controlling their diets? Oh dear... really gotta FAST seriously starting on Thursday!

Anyway, that whole day, me and Yongxi didnt really eat anything as we're saving our stomachs for the buffet in the evening. :p Then come the buffet time, we just "whacked' ah..haha... I am SOOO damn FULL after the session that I had to keep standing/walking for 3hours before I think I can rest so that the food inside me can sorta 'burn' away from the 'exercise'. ahhahaa....

Realised that they added Chocolate Fondue to the food selection too! Yay!! for choco-lovers like me. haa... I think the food that's worth to eat should be tempuras, Ginseng & Scallop porridge (I think this is really very nice..hee...), Alaskan Crabs, Sashimis and Prawns. *yummy*

I only managed to sleep at 3am that day as I was simply too full!
But................. HORRORs came the following day at about 6am when I just woke myself up with the strong feeling of MERLION'ING!!!!!
I quickly rushed to the toilet and became a 15mins Merlion. hahaa.... *Serves me right la..for eating too much* Faintz...
I guess this is the 1st time this yr that I ate so much. It's supposed to be an enjoying session but end up I'm like torturing myself..haa...

Okiez, so that's it, NO MORE TEMPURAS or SASHIMI for the next 3 months or so.. *blehs* (can hear BB objecting when he sees this...hahaa...)
And me and Yongxi really kept our word and FAST the whole day of Thursday! *lol*

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