Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wishing Shout-Out Boards (31-5-09)

Getting pretty excited now cos the day for the Signoria's photoshoot is drawing nearer and nearer! I've managed to finish 3/4 of the Wishing Shout-Out Boards on Sunday.

hee hee.. but you will notice the different color tones on the board VS the protruding triangle corner. *blush* I have used up my white poster color while trying to blend the pink & green color to match the boards lor...so no choice, the end-product turns out to be 2 tones darker than the main boards..hahaha....just make-do with it lor, and treat them as a design! hahaa....

The last part for the shout-out boards would be sticking the handles behind. I shall be finishing them this weekend :) Below are some pics of the shout-outs .

1 Pink and 1 White based Cardboard (from Daiso)
Cardboards for the protruding triangle corners (couped from ofc's paper box)
8 toothpicks (for connecting the triangles to the main board, as a support)
Poster Colors (for painting the triangles)
Normal white papers (for wrapping the triangles before painting)
Transparent plastic wrapping sheet (those used for wrapping books as a protector)
Wooden chopsticks (for the handles)
Green wire (for tightening and connecting the chopsticks)

Pls ignore the protuding plastic sheet in the pink one.. :p
I will take proper photos again this weekend. The above 2 pics are just taken before I started to wrap them with the transparent plastic sheet and furthermore, I've made round cuts at the 3 corners. hee hee~~

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