Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wiwi's niece - Ella Beatrice Lee's 1st year Birthday Party (14-6-09)

Last Sunday, I went to Wiwi's niece's 1 yr-old birthday party!! She's just so adorable!! hahaa... She can even smile and 'pose' for the camera too....

There's mini Winnie The Pooh cupcakes and little packs of gifts to be given away to the kids that day... and *lol* Anna 'specifically' requested for 1 gift pack too !! And "ta-da", she got what she wanted PLUS a melody shower cap!! hahaha....

Think Ella was quite 'scared' that day perhaps due to so many strangers, so we didn't manage to carry her and take a picture of us carrying her, EXCEPT Seng Hwee...hahaa... but of cos, Ella was already giving the 'I WANT TO CRY NOW' look when I took a photo of him carrying her.
As for Anna..haa... I didn't manage to take a photo except of her passing the baby back to Wiwi/her mom becos Ella already started to cry liaoz... :p

Anyways, here's a few pics! We bought her swimming trunks!! ^_^
Mini cup-cakes.. with Winnie The Pooh toppers!
See!! She's so cute!! ehehe... smiling while she's taking a lean on her mummy's lap!
"OKI~~ I better return the baby to you cos she's pushing me away!!"
Oops..see..she's starting to cry liaoz... :p
hahaha... she's smiling again!! Here's Wiwi and bf - Amin!
Anna with her party pack! hahaa....
Ella with Mommy and Daddy

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