Friday, June 19, 2009

Cupcakes (14-6-09)

Currently, I'm also sourcing around for cuppy cupcakes for my ROM..
I have found and shortlisted a few nice and affordable ones... BUT as to how good their cupcakes taste.....this~~~~ I have no comments becos I havent get the chance to taste. :p

However, as most people would say... "Cupcakes are nice to see but not nice to eat lor"
Those pretty decorations are used either i) Butter Cream, ii) Fresh Cream iii) Sugar icing or iv) Marshmallow Fondant (which is basically sugary stuff again).

I would love to try the 1st 2 types of cupcakes, so am now looking around to see if those neighbourhood bakeries got or not..hahaa....
But a word of advice for BTBs, I was told that if you're having your solemnisation in the outdoors (especially if there's no aircon and it's a day event), then cupcakes with (i) and (ii) will not be suitable because the decorations will tend to melt easily. Cupcakes with (iv) deco will last the longest.

I met up with a cupcake vendor on Sunday 14-6-09 and she's a very nice lady who gave me 2 free samples of her cupcakes which she just made as she had a wedding order for that weekend and could spare me 2 cuppies for sample. (*^_^*) *delighted*

I must say her creations are very very nice and she's able to accomodate to my ROM theme and her price is reasonable too. ^_^
I've personally tried emailing one cupcake vendor which people are raving about probably because she appeared on newspapers before? However, she didn't reply me even though I've sent a few followups and there's no other way of contacting her except emails?
Anyway, that aside..I've also read reviews that her cupcakes are too over-rated... haa... whatever it is, how delicious something is also depends on the taste of an individual (you can't satisfy everyone...and there's bound to be some critiques)

Oki, back to the cuppies, I brought them home and took some photos first before I stored them inside the fridge as I was too full to eat them that day. =p
On Monday, I brought one of them to work and showed off to Xixi. hahaa... she also agreed that it's too pretty to just eat it away but ultimately, it still has to end up in our stomach!

I broke a few of its flower petals because I know it's gonna be very sweet to eat the whole flower deco. And true enough, even though it's a teeny-weeny bit of fondant, it's over-whelmningly sweet!!!! So I guess, the guests will really have to 'peel' away those deco if they want to eat the cuppies.
However, the good thing is that the little choco cake (that has nutella spread around its surface so that the fondant can stick onto it) inside the cuppy, is still soft and moist and not very sweet. So that's a plus point. *thumbs up*

Perhaps, I will discuss with her more on the cuppies!! ^o^

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