Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wedding Bridal Shoes (Part 2) 30-5-09

Saturday, BB and I went Jurong Point with the main aim of getting BB's ROM shoes which I saw going at a discount on Thursday when I was there shopping with a friend. (*^_^) hee hee.. then after his getting his loot, we just window-shopped around until I just went into the Anna Nucci shoe shop cos I was attracted by the bling bling shoes! hahaha... OMG** I don't know why but I always have an urge to buy some shoes everytime I step into a shoe shop and found pretty nice shoes!! That's why BB always try to pull me or 'block' my view from these shoe shops! hahaha...

Okie, so I ended up buying another pair of bridal shoes that can be worn in 3 different designs. *lol* I was thinking I shouldn't waste those bridal shoes cos I've seen some BTBs buying those super bling shoes and ended up only wearing them 1-2 times and off the shoes go -- standing hidden in the shelves.
The shoes's original price tag was abt $79..but I got it off a discount and closed the deal at abt $55. :p hee hee... but I got a free $8 worth of shoe strap to replace the satin strap which can be tied in 3 different ways. ^o^

So, I think this new pair shall be my AD shoes instead since my royal Queen mom said I shouldn't keep changing my shoes on the AD ~~ best is to wear only 1 pair of shoes the whole day :(:( (superstition loh.... then how abt BB?!! Does it mean he has to match his cream day suit with black shoes??!! Aarrrgghhh.... let me think of a solution again..:)

As for the earlier C&K bridal shoes, I'll wear it for my ROM. :)

Ohh, we also collected our Love & Co wedding bands that day! Love them..kekeke... Shall keep you all in suspense and let my ROM photographer do his job of taking pics of the rings! =p

My new bridal shoes! Able to let the guests see my princess toes on the AD! hahaha...
I will be replacing the white long satin straps with leather straps instead. ^_^
Not as high as the C&K's shoes, but I should say it's a very comfortable height! ^_^ It's about 2 inches?

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